Key Fob Cards

These durable miniature plastic cards can be personalised by name, number or even a barcode, to work along with any scanning system you have in place. Plastic keychain cards and combo key cards are perfect for loyalty card and membership card programs, as well as other card applications. Order plastic key tags alone, or opt for the combo card (combined card and key tag), providing customers with the option to choose their preference of card or keychain tag.

Material types

As well as standard PVC we also offer a variety of alternative materials including Eco degradable PVC, Teslin (Polyester), High Impact Polystyrene (HIP) and Polypropylene, providing more flexibility for bespoke shapes to suit your design requirements.


Key Fob Cards - Choice

We are uniquely placed to camera match and mount a personalised plastic card and associated fob onto personalised letters and mail to the end user. Using a key fob dimension as part of a well-placed card campaign can improve usability and the uptake of a scheme, ultimately benefiting both the card scheme provider and the end customer.

COLOURFAST can produce a variety of shapes & sizes of key fob cards:

Stand-alone: A single fob made to various sizes or shapes to accommodate special customer requirements.

Multi-part: For example three fobs created within a credit card sized body allowing additional family members scheme access from a single mailing campaign.

Card/fob integration: A plastic card with integrated fob (or fobs) adding additional functionality to the main card.

Size Options:

CR80 with 1Up Keytag – Standard credit card size with one connected plastic key tag (shown above left).

2Up Keytag – Two connected plastic keychain tags.

CR80 with 2Up Keytags – Standard credit card size with two connected custom plastic key tags.

3Up Keytag – Three connected key tags (shown above right). Perfect for use as single key tags.

CR80 with 3Up Keytag – Standard credit card size with three connected custom key tags.

Let us know what you need

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Features of our Plastic Cards

We will work with you to create a unique product that will fit all your requirements. We offer all manner of features – limited only by the imagination – our most commonly requested features on plastic gift cards include:

Variety of sizes and finishes – CR80 (‘normal’ size), CR80 with key tags, hang-tag cards

Variety of materials – Styrene, PVC, PLA, Vinyl, NatureWorks Ingeo Biopolymer, Eco degradable PVC, Teslin (Polyester), High Impact Polystyrene (HIP), Polypropylene. Paper and even Wood!

Magnetic strip and encoding

Drop-on-Demand (DOD) and thermal printing

Variable data printing

Foil stamping and Embossing

Scratch-off and signature panels